Smart Water?

Posted 11 December 2017.

Smart water: ads

As our son, David reported reading: “If you’re paying $4 a bottle for smart water, it’s not working!”

Start with the cost.  Tap water averages about $2 per 1,000 gallons, which is enough to fill

Can it be any better than tap water?   A tiny bit, perhaps.   Regular tap water in almost all US water supplies is actually cleaner than most bottled water, according to independent labs.  Save money, save the landfill waste, save the petroleum used to make the plastic bottles!

(Eau du robinet!)

What could be improved in Smart Water, and how?

Distillation – removes dissolved solids…and SOME of the volatile organic compounds, SOME

Adding in minerals, selectively – why not drink the natural minerals in your tap water?

The makers avoid sodium – fine, in our salt-laden cuisine…but we get so little sodium from our water!

No fluoride – but you  need small amounts of fluoride (GO ON about fluorosis worry)

No heavy metals, arsenic, etc. – well, they’re in your food, unavoidably.  We have lived with U, Hg, etc. our whole 2 Mya as a species

No gluten – ridiculous!  Gluten only comes from wheat and barley, and I haven’t notice public works people tossing either into our water supplies!

What about water purity, in history?

Not a good record, until sanitation started big time in the mid-1800s

Reason to drink wine, beer (maybe! adulterated), strong spirits – why the temperance movement had a basis (along with the transport problem for grain from the US Midwest, e.g.)

Cholera spreads by contaminated water – English well XXXXX

In fact, broadening to sanitation, in general – it was the first major advance in human health!

For our water and food, and then in medicine – the sad story of Joseph Lister XXXX

GO out and thank an LC utility worker, a garbageman!

On, but if you’re a vegan, thank a little dirt in your food, for vitamin B12 …..

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