Radio show, Science: let’s take a look

Science: let’s take a look, on radio KTAL LP FM, Las Cruces, New Mexico:

I host an hour-long show each Tuesday at 12-1 PM, Mountain Time.  Find it at 101.5 on the FM dial if you’re in Las Cruces, or stream it live on or

I cover a great variety of topics in all the shows,, extending from many branches of science to engineering to math to implications for society.  Guests appear about every other show.

I record each show, edit the audio into distinct segments (cutting it at station breaks), add some imagery, and created videos for YouTube.

Here are links:

Coming up:

  • Have you thanked a bacterium today?
  • Proxima Centauri b: not really habitable; how ’bout keeping Earth habitable?
  • Carbon nanontubes: useful; don’t inhale!
  • How far is it worth driving for cheaper gas? Some algebra
  • Many more guests from near and, I hope, far (scientific colleagues calling in)

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