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How we travel


This is the beginning of a site on our travels in 41 countries over 43 years.  We’re eager to share our experiences of sights, cultures, engaging people, history, and more.  There will be about 15 more pages coming over the next months.  They’ll be by topic.  The next one is Cars, presenting our many adventures, challenges, and views on the use of cars.

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Quick story, before some details… well, maybe not that quick

We travel for the flow of experiences, variously deep to exhilarating, of new lands, new cultures, new friends, new art, new pieces of history recent and ancient.  We travel for being on our own, making our way in a world that is refreshingly foreign to us, yet filled with the common humanity we always find.

We travel on our own.  One group tour made us certain that such is not for us, ever.  Planning our own trip, carrying it out in real time takes us to people we want to meet and places we want to see… and it’s an endless thrill, kind of edgy more than once (or thirty times).  We can stop where we want

and now, to continue: